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Yes Solar Solutions is a premium solar installer in North Carolina.  Yes Solar Solutions is the only NABCEP Accredited solar installer in the state and is known for their commitment to quality and the craftsmanship they bring to each project.




Oct 2020


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Even though Yes Solar Solutions provided exceptional service, this was not reflected on review sites like Google and other industry specific sites.  Adding solar to your home or business is a big commitment.  There was a minority of happy customers that left reviews but only a small percentage of their total customer base.  There competition was excelling in review generation and Yes Solar was stagnant.  There would also be a some reviewers who wrote a review for Yes Solar Solutions in North Carolina but actually meant to leave their review for a completely different Yes Solar in California.  All these groups of people hurt Yes Solar’s online reputation.

Yes Solar Solutions knew that they needed to fix this problem, especially since most customers discovered the company through organic Google search.  That means the first thing that potential customers would see was reviews not even for the right business and mentioning non-relevant information.  The company knew that they had an issue and turned to Proofratings for help.

Since working with Proofratings, Yes Solar Solutions has seen the following key improvements:

Last updated:  9/16/2021

  • 241% increase in reviews
  • 294% increase in clicks to phone calls
  • 384% increase in map views
  • 287% increase in web visits
  • 269% increase in search views
  • 431% increase in direct searches
  • 260% increase in discovery searches
  • 410% increase in directions
"I never say this but OMG! We are now able to display all of our ratings even from solar review sites. Our website visitors will now know truly how good we are."

yes solar owner   KATHY MILLER, CEO

Improving their online reputation

With Proofratings, Yes Solar Solutions can send review requests to customers who recently worked with them. Unlike other providers trying to provide a false reputation (by filtering), with Proofratings, Yes Solar solicits every customer for feedback – GOOD or BAD. This has helped them create an online reputation that is more representative of their actual customer experiences and validates true brand transparency. The company now has more than 300 reviews (compared to 105 reviews prior to Proofratings) with a 4.9 overall star rating, which they display proudly with Proofratings rating badges on their website.

Driving growth with Proofratings

With Proofratings, Yes Solar Solutions is putting their best foot forward when it comes to organic search. The company continues to provide excellent service across the state of North Carolina, and their online reputation proves it.

4.7 / 5
21 customer reviews
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