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Review Generation Automation


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What's the real cost?

The real cost of online review marketing is not one thousand or more dollars a month. The real cost is the business that you will lose and give to your competition, by not doing this. The real cost is working harder and longer hours while trying to play catch up to others in your market.  The real cost is all the time you will spend working.


Frequently asked questions

What sites do you have website badges for?

Right now we are specific to the solar industry and support only websites that benefit solar companies. The current list of sites we support are Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, SolarReviews, Energysage, Guildquality, SolarQuotes, Solar Tribune, and Good Company. We can add more at your request if we agree it is beneficial to the industry.

What sites do you generate reviews on?

We can generate reviews on any site that you want. We do however have a handful of sites that we highly recommend because we know they will be the most beneficial to your solar business and generating growth.

Do the widgets only work with WordPress and Squarespace?

At this time, we only support websites and landing pages built on WordPress and Squarespace. If we see more solar companies utilizing other providers we will be open to adding to this list.

Who does the Review Generation work for?

Our Review Generation Workflow works for any solar company installing 75 or more jobs annually. Anything below that, we realized can still be managed effectively by a manual process.

How long do I get support for the Review Generation?

Once your workflow is fully implemented and your staff is trained on the workflow, we offer extended support at an hourly rate. However, we train your staff to be fully capable of changing the workflow when necessary.

Do you offer different payment options?

The Review Generation workflow is paid 50% when signing the contract and 50% upon successful implementation and training. Our website widgets are on a standard monthly payment plan unless you would prefer paying annually.

Does displaying ratings on my website really do anything?

Displaying real-time ratings is essential to the growth of your company and website. Using third-parties that consumers already trust increases brand trust exponentially. 93% of customers read online reviews before buying and say that online reviews influenced their decision. Ratings account for about 15% of the method Google uses to rank local businesses. Customers also require a business to have at least 40 online reviews on a review site before they believe its average star rating. Our customers tell us everyday, how prospects are calling in and mentioning their reviews and ratings because of our badges.

Am I locked into any long-term contract?

Our Review Generation Workflow is a one-time fee and you own the process. With our widgets we require annual agreements (able to pay monthly or annually) to ensure continued accuracy of the real-time ratings.
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